Holland. Netherlands. Lowlands. From the isle of Texel to Yerseke, the sea has once touched every inch of soil in the kingdom. So it is only obvious that the Netherlands is housing one of the oldest and best-renowned centres for oceanographic research in the world. The sea is our neighbour.

The best news is: as a master in earth, physical and/or life sciences you can strongly contribute to our exploration of estuaries, coastal seas and oceans. As an intern too. So if you have a serious marine ambition and would like to help us understand the future of our planet, do not hesitate to contact us. 

University of Science

Studying at a University of Science? Master? Contact Dörte Poszig for more information on internships.

Vocational Education (mbo) or University of Professional Education (hbo)

Studying at mbo (Vocational Education) or hbo (University of Professional Education)? Looking for an internship at IT, HR, Technology, Facility management or Communications? Please contact us here for a supporting staff internship. 

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