Employee Council

At the Royal NIOZ, we like strong, personal and positive relationships with all our employees. Our Employee Council has an important role. They safeguard the personal interests of our employees. Members of the council share issues and concerns and make sure our policies fit rules and regulations.


Members in the Employee Council:

Sander Asjes 
  Ewout Adriaans 
  Herman Hummel  
Henk de Haas 
  Sander Holthuijsen 
  Kirsten Kooijman 
(deputy secretary)
Ellen Hopmans 
  Hans Slagter
  Yvonne van der Maas

Scientists' Union

The VAWO is the Dutch Scientists' union. The organization defends the interests of those working at scientific institutes, but she also aims to foster the circumstances in which academic teaching and research can prosper. Visit their website here.