Foreign nationals

A great standard of living, good working conditions, cycling to work (in clean air), those are some of the reasons for having 31 nationalities at the Royal NIOZ. If you like to interact with people, ideas and literature from around the globe, Texel, and Yerseke are excellent places to work and live.    

Take some time to visit Texel and Yerseke. Experience life on Texel or find out more about living in Yerseke. 


The Newbie Program

We like to make sure you feel at ease when you first arrive on Texel. The Royal NIOZ Newbie Program does exactly that. We develop a personal introduction program, hook you up with a colleague and set you well on your way. 

Take a look at the Royal NIOZ Newbie Program


On Texel, we provide you (and your partner, spouse or family) with temporary or permanent accommodation. Check out our campus ‘De Potvis’, Texel hotels, B&B’s or Airbnb’s. If you like to explore the Yerseke facilities, check out our guesthouse ‘De Keete’, Yerseke hotels and Airbnb here.  


As you would expect in a very densely populated country healthcare solutions are well organized in the Netherlands. In-depth information? Take a look at or for a full review of Dutch healthcare and other relevant topics. Or read this article on Dutch healthcare. For a quick look at local Texel, healthcare check out Information on Texel health care.


Tax Information

Working at the Royal NIOZ means you will meet non-resident tax issues. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has a special website that is intended for persons liable to pay Dutch tax. There is a Tax Information Line (Dutch).



As our employee, you receive certain benefits. A pension plan is one of them. The Royal NIOZ pension is transferred to the ‘ABP Pensioenfonds voor overheid en onderwijs’. Every year that you contribute to a pension scheme, you will receive a Uniform Pension Overview (UPO). Want to know more? Please visit the ABP pension pages or take a look at the WVOI Pension information (Cao).



Make sure all your questions on working in the Netherlands are answered. Try the New in the Netherlands website, an initiative of the Dutch government. If you want to understand Dutch traditions make sure to check out It is a community-driven, online media platform aiming at sharing everything Dutch. With the annual Holland Handbook, magazine and website XPAT is a good spot to keep up to date. Also, the online portal EXPATICA has loads of expat information and handy tools. 

A Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia

Like to understand the professional challenges and opportunities in the Dutch academic arena? Take some time to read the guide A Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia by The Young Academy: essential information on the research and teaching culture, funding, and the academic protocol. Including translations of key terms and a list of abbreviations and acronyms.



Academic Transfer is the Dutch Academic Career Network, an online platform where you will find all academic job openings at non-profit research institutes, universities, university medical centers and organizations in the corporate sector that are looking for talented researchers. For more information on working in the Netherlands, check out their FactCards here. More jobs? Take a look at all NWO-I Science Jobs or visit the website of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).