Social security

Working in the Netherlands means you quietly become a natural part of a comprehensive welfare system. In case of sickness or temporary inability, the Royal NIOZ will pay 100% of your salary in the first twelve months and 70% in the next twelve months. If you fall ill HR will assure a quick and suiting reintegration program. 
If you are not a Dutch national, please check your residence rights and make sure that your official documents are in order. Consult the information of the Dutch Government.
Find the WVOI conditions on social security here. 

Meer weten over pensioen, arbeidsongeschiktheid en werkloosheid? Volg deze link. 
Collective disability insurance Loyalis

The Royal NIOZ has made special agreements with Dutch insurance company Loyalis on a collective disability insurance. With the extra coverage, we help to compensate for the loss of income of our employees in case of disability. You can take out the insurance policy individually.

The Loyalis website (Dutch) allows you to calculate your personal insurance premium online. Non-Dutch employees can download a special information leaflet that will explain the extra benefits (English).