The Potvis / Royal NIOZ Campus

Want to experience all that the Royal NIOZ has to offer? Try living at ‘De Potvis’ (Dutch for ‘sperm whale’): a modern campus offering housing solutions to our employees and visitors, IMARES, research partners and educational organizations. Only a one minute walk from our research facilities.
The name of the current campus dates back to the first guesthouse of the forerunner of the Royal NIOZ, in the year 1937. It is said this house was paid for by the revenues of an exhibition of two sperm whales in Rotterdam. 
The Potvis Campus housing solutions
+ 19 single-family dwellings 
+ 27 furnished two-room flats 
+ 3 unfurnished two-room flats 
+ 38 furnished one-room flats 
+ 6 dormitories (24 beds in total) 
Within the campus there is a central lounge and recreation room, a laundry room and a bike shed. More information? Click here. Reservations? Please use the form here

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