Postdoc position: "Innovative approaches for unravelling primary production of microphytobenthos/ phytoplankton and functioning of tidal ecosystems"

The Department of Estuarine and Delta Systems (department head: prof. dr. Klaas Timmermans) is looking for an excellent, highly motivated scientist with a keen interest in the functioning of tidal ecosystems.

2017-10-19 13:25:33
LOCATION:                                       ROYAL NIOZ YERSEKE (ZEELAND, THE NETHERLANDS)
VACANCY ID:                                    2017-089
CLOSING DATE:                               DECEMBER 4th, 2017


The department of Estuarine and Delta Systems (EDS, NIOZ-Yerseke) aims to understand how the interplay between organisms, hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics and biochemistry shapes the estuarine and delta environment, and how it affects the functioning and resilience of the diverse natural communities living there.
Central to our department is a multidisciplinary approach that combines state-of-art biophysical and biochemical measurements, remote sensing, and manipulative experiments combined with mathematical and numerical modelling to create in-depth understanding of the processes that control estuarine and delta systems.
An important additional focus of our research is how abiotic-biotic interactions can create value for society, following the “Building with Nature” and “Blue Growth” paradigms.


Microphytobenthos (i.e. benthic microalgae) and phytoplankton play a vital role in estuarine carbon cycling and fuel the estuarine food web as a result of their primary production. Because of their highly dynamic nature and spatial heterogeneous distribution, both horizontally and vertically, their role in estuarine food webs and sediment dynamics is poorly understood and difficult to quantify. In this project, the functional role of these primary producers will be elucidated and better quantified, using new sensors and technologies.
This research has a strong integrative and multidisciplinary character, benefiting from cooperation within the EDS department.


We are looking for a Postdoc with a keen interest in experimental estuarine ecology. The candidate must have a relevant specialized expertise, such as in close range to far range remote sensing of tidal flats and/or tidal waters (e.g., in situ spectral measurements, measurements from a drone or measurement tower and from satellite sensors), oxygen and CO2 exchange techniques, FRRF/PAM approaches, or a combination of these. We expect good English oral and writing skills and a cooperative mindset. Do you recognize yourself in these requirements? In that case we would very much like to know more about you.


We offer you a fulltime position for 2.5 years, a pension scheme, a yearly 8% vacation allowance, year-end bonus, more than 8 weeks hours of leave and flexible employment conditions. Our labour policies are based on the Dutch Collective Labour Agreement of Research Centers (WVOI). Cost of relocation and help with housing is provided by the Royal NIOZ.

For additional information about this vacancy, please contact dr. Daphne van der Wal or dr. Jacco Kromkamp (senior scientists). For additional information about the procedure, please contact Sigrid Moerbeek (senior HR advisor).

Please note: job interviews will take place on December 20th, 2017.


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