Observational Physical Oceanographer (tenure track or senior)

The department of Ocean Systems (OCS, department chair: prof. dr. Gert-Jan Reichart) is looking for a highly motivated junior or senior scientist in Observational Physical Oceanography to help investigate processes in physical oceanography at multiple scales. The preferred candidate has a focus on open-ocean process studies with a track record based on sea-going research.

VACANCY ID:         2017-082.1
CLOSING DATE:    JUNE 1st, 2017



The department of Ocean Systems (OCS) aims to investigate open-ocean processes ranging from physical oceanography (at multiple scales) to chemical oceanography, and from deep-sea ecology to paleoceanography and paleoclimatology.

We cover a wide range of scientific disciplines through experiments and data collection during sea-going oceanographic research, as well as through home-based laboratory experiments and analyses.

All involved scientists rely on modern observational techniques including moorings, landers, thermistor strings, trace-metal clean samplers, and novel underwater autonomous observations.

For our research, we actively collaborate with peers in partner institutes, including the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU) and the Faculty of Earth Sciences of Utrecht University, as well as e.g., MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences in Bremen and the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Bremerhaven, Germany.



Current lines of research in the department involve the physical interactions in the deep-ocean between local/regional hydrography and topography, and its respective impact on (for instance) deep-sea ecology and sedimentology.

As an example of ongoing current research we focus on the interaction between seamount topography and regional hydrography on turbulence and the mixing of water and how these dynamics influence nutrients and oxygen levels in the water column, and therefore deep-sea benthic ecosystems. 

As our new research colleague, you will work in close cooperation with other physical oceanographers, but also with geologists, chemists and ecologists in the department. Your primary research focus is on broad scale ocean circulation patterns and small scale turbulence patterns, like internal wave activity.



The candidate we would like to meet with is an excellent, highly motivated scientist with a proven background in observational physical oceanography. In this position, it is imperative you can establish and maintain an active research program.

You have an extensive track record in seagoing research, and you have a keen interest in deep-ocean physical processes and their interaction with other scientific disciplines, like chemistry, biology and sedimentology.

We prefer candidates with a strong background in Observational Physical Oceanography, but also welcome researchers that focus on a related scientific field.

The vacancy can be arranged as a tenure track position or a senior research position.



In case the position will be offered at the tenure-track level, the successful candidate will be hired for 5 years. At the end of a successful tenure track term, a permanent scientific staff position will be offered up to the level of senior scientist. Criteria for evaluation comprise a track record of publications that is far above average, proven skills in acquiring funding, and an international network. 

We offer a pension scheme, a yearly 8% vacation allowance, year-end bonus and flexible employment conditions. Our labour policies are based on the Collective Labour Agreement of Research Centers (WVOI). The Royal NIOZ will provide cost of relocation and help with housing.

Applicants for this vacancy must submit a brief Research Statement (2 A4 max.). You may attach this short testimonial to your CV/Resume in the application form.

Additional information about this vacancy: prof. dr. Gert-Jan Reichart (department head)

For additional information about the procedure, please contact Peter Vooijs (senior HR advisor).

Please note this job advertisement is a repeated call. The original advert has been posted by the Royal NIOZ in November 2016. Candidates that have applied for this vacancy earlier cannot enter the current procedure.

An assessment is part of the application procedure.


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