A job match-alert on your cell phone while shopping for groceries? An online self-assessment in the train back home to find out if you fit the corporate culture? Expect the unexpected. Recruitment experts are convinced assessments are moving online.

In recent articles in De Volkskrant, Intermediair and several professional HR blogs independent recruitment experts predict that online assessments may expel the CV and motivational letter in the near future. They foresee a quick growth of the online test in 2015.

The company Cut-e, a leading developer of online tests for recruitment, is supporting their notion. This US Corporation is prospecting that traditional face-to-face assessments move away for the benefit of online tests. ‘With it companies may respond to the need to create a greater emphasis on candidates, engaging with them earlier and faster.’ Several universities in the United States and Great Britain are already experimenting with compulsory assessments online.


Insiders agree the online assessment is becoming a key element in a larger technology-based system that is serving one goal: to match you to a job before the actual face-to-face conversation, not after.

Whether the online assessment will completely push away the classic CV or just add a new perspective to the selection process still is a point of discussion to HR experts. But the main value adds of online tests are undisputed.

Online testing may simplify and accelerate the recruitment process –an advantage to both recruiters and candidates. The online assessment quintessentially is non-discriminatory (age, gender) and honest (‘junior’ may be better than ‘senior’). The benchmark that results from it will present the best candidate for the job instead of the best applicant.


The potential rewards of online assessments inspire the HR department at the Royal NIOZ to keep investigating the use of online tooling –like the website you are using just now.

What you may expect applying to a job at the Royal NIOZ in 2018? Think of a Big Five personality test, a numeral or situational test or a forensic assignment to research the behaviour of microbes on the bottom of the seafloor. Actually something our department of Marine Organic Biogeochemistry excels in. Are you that perfect match? Better watch your cell.