Looking for a great place to do research? An international evaluation by independent experts, commissioned and organised by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), ranks the Royal NIOZ as a world-leading marine research institute producing excellent science.

‘Excellent research quality’, ‘relevant to society’ and ‘viable’. In the end report of the Evaluation Committee, an evaluation of the overall Royal NIOZ performance that was finished in October 2017, external experts are unanimous: Royal NIOZ is one of the most influential oceanographic research institutes in the world.

World-class research

The fine performance of Royal NIOZ research departments to the experts is a sum of the quality and number of research publications, the award of major scientific prizes, an outstanding record on external research funds and the quality of instruments and infrastructure at the facilities in Yerseke and Texel.

The multidisciplinary science approach and the international working culture are marked as valuable by the committee, while the National Marine Facility (NMF), operating the fleet of national research vessels, enables the Royal NIOZ to perform world-leading research around the globe -with the RV Pelagia as its ocean-going flagship.

Female leadership

On issues like ‘diversity’ and ‘research policy integrity,’ the report shows there is room for further growth, especially concerning the absence of females in the Institute leadership -a problem NWO is currently addressing with the Women in Science Excel (WISE) programme.

PhD’s validate research opportunities and mentoring skills of senior scientists at the Royal NIOZ genuinely positive. To be able to maintain a female friendly and intercultural PhD-environment the Evaluation Committee does, however, advise a strong representation of women and international scholars in the graduate population in the next years.

Science for society

The report concludes that the Royal NIOZ is making an outstanding contribution by producing excellent fundamental knowledge that is proactively applied to societal challenges. International partnerships with fellow marine research institutes and universities, but also governments and industries are defined as highly productive.

‘The Evaluation Committee is impressed that science for societal relevance is integral to how NIOZ ‘thinks’ as an organisation,’ an assessment ultimately leading the Evaluation Committee to one conclusion: ‘From an international perspective, NIOZ is the clear focal point of marine research in the Netherlands.’  

Like to read the full report? Follow this link.

The evaluation of the Royal NIOZ was commissioned and organised 
by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and supported by Dialogic Innovation & Interaction and Birch Consultants.

The external evaluation follows the Standard Evaluation Protocol 2015-2021 (SEP, amended version September 2016). It is the protocol for research assessment in the Netherlands as agreed upon by NWO, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU). The primary aim of the assessment procedure is to reveal and confirm the research quality, relevance to society and viability and to provide recommendations to improve these aspects. In addition, the procedure includes considerations with regard to PhD programmes, the research integrity, and diversity of the (scientific) staff.