Four Dutch women involved in research in Antarctica now have their own profile page on Wikipedia. Corina Brussaard, senior researcher at the department of Marine Microbiology and Biogeochemistry (MBB), is one of them.

The consultative status under the Antarctic Treaty entails the obligation to carry out substantial scientific research. In the Arctic Council, the Netherlands has been able to realize its good scientific reputation and influence by carrying out scientific research in the Arctic. The Dutch Polar Programme, including scientific activities carried out in the polar regions, is therefore an important tool for the Dutch polar strategy. Dr. Corina Brussaard, especially active in the programme with her research on the influence of viruses, has recently been invited to be one of the few Dutch senior scientists to investigate the Dutch Polar Infrastructure in a newly established scientific board.

"Dutch polar research has put our marine science excellence on the map, as a nation. How do we deal with that heritage in the next five years? I feel it is an honour to add my perspectives to this discussion."

With the newly produced Wikipedia pages of Corina Brussaard, Anita Buma, Monique de Vries and Jacqueline Stefels, young female polar researchers see that a scientific career in the traditional man's world of Antarctica is definitely possible.


On Wikipedia, only 15 percent of the personal profiles of polar researchers are of a female researcher. By launching the so-called Wikibomb the SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) wants to add the profiles of over a hundred senior female Antarctic researchers from over thirty countries at once. These role models show them a career is possible in their field of interest.

The Wikipedia profiles were presented at the SCAR meeting on August 23, 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The action is intended as an encouragement for female polar researchers to be more present on Wikipedia, and in general to adopt a less humble attitude. The action was an initiative of the group Women in Polar research.

The four Dutch women are closely involved with the Netherlands Polar Programme NPP of NWO. In its policy regarding gender diversity, NWO uses various instruments to encourage the influx and promotion of female talent in Dutch science.

(Source: NWO)

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