NWO is launching 'Refugees in Science'. The aim of this new programme is to fund one-year appointments for academics who have fled their home country and wish to continue their scientific career in the Netherlands. Candidates must hold a master's degree or a doctorate and must have been granted refugee status in the Netherlands. In 2018 a total budget of € 750,000 is available.

The pilot, developed in consultation with the Young Academy, KNAW and the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF), aims to help refugee academics to join current research projects and build a network in our country. As member of the funding project, they have a chance to actively share knowledge and expertise and get familiar with the Dutch scientific system. Their one-year financial support may also allow them to continue their scientific career or research line started in their home country.

How to apply

Candidates can express their interest in the call by completing an ‘interest form. This information will be shared with the institutions in order to identify suitable candidates for current research projects. The application must be submitted by a project leader of a current research project already funded by NWO or ZonMw.

The project leader can apply for additional funding for the one-year appointment of a junior or senior researcher with demonstrable refugee status (received an asylum residence permit for a fixed period (type III) on or after January 1 2013).

Information session

Proposals can be submitted from 17 May to 13 September 2018 via the NWO website. More information? The Young Academy, KNAW, UAF and NWO are organising an information session at the Utrecht University Hall in Utrecht, on the second of June at 14:30 hours. You can register using this registration form.