On October the 29th the Dutch Promovendi Network Netherlands (PNN) is organising the third annual National PhD Day in the Academy Building Utrecht. The central theme? Take charge of your career. 

If you like to meet likeminded PhD’s and research professionals from all research fields October the 29th is a must-visit event. Take part in intriguing workshops, listen to inspiring keynote lectures and attend the annual Supervisor Of The Year Award ceremony. With a typical Dutch phenomenon as a bonus: ‘de borrel’.

While last year’s event focused on ways to enhance careers, this years motto zooms in on the personal drive of PhD’s to develop a succesful scientific career. In need of a coherent pitching strategy for your research? Tips and tricks for writing a great funding proposal, coping with rejection, or personal branding are just the kind of topics you may expect. Practical, relevant and focused on your scientific succes.

Preregistration is now officially open! Make sure you preregister in order to save your spot on October 29th! Need a little boost? Take a look at the official teaser. After preregistering you can altert friends and colleagues by attending the official Facebook event.