As of June the 24th researchers, policymakers and other scientific stakeholders can find Dutch research facilities and explore possibilities for cooperation at the touch of a button. With the website the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) science aims to enhance scientific connectivity, online.

NWO supports a strong system of sciences in the Netherlands by encouraging quality and innovation in science. The new website supports this notion. It offers an online database that allows scientists, policymakers and others concerned to instantly see what facilities and partnerships are available to them.

Royal NIOZ facilities

In the autumn of 2015, NWO called for boards and directors of public research institutions to present their operational facilities and investment plans for the next 5 years. The facilities that met the conditions are now included on a searchable website. All forms of large-scale research facilities in the full width of the Dutch science arena are accessible; from scientific measuring devices to databases and IT infrastructures.

The Royal NIOZ is presenting its National Marine research Facilities (NMF) and the RV Pelagia on the website, the only oceangoing research vessel in the Netherlands. Take a look here.

National roadmap

In the coming months, a NWO committee, chaired by former rector of TU Eindhoven Hans van Duijn, will put together the National Roadmap. In this map the large-scale scientific infrastructure and corresponding conditions will be determined further. 

Looking for scientific partners or fitting research facilities? Interested in the maritime expertise of NMF or the research possibilities of the RV Pelagia? Find out at