Like to join the Royal NIOZ science team or work at another Dutch research institute in 2017?! In the spirit of “a new year, a new you”, we gladly share 5 insights that you could use to your advantage in 2017.  

Excellent academic programmes, an international research culture, in the fastest growing economy in Europe only in part explain the growing popularity of Dutch universities and research institutes in the world. The Netherlands is a fun country to live.

Holland is hot. Last May Dutch universities received more registrations than ever before, especially from foreigners (+28%). As one of the public research institutes we benefit from this attention. Last year the Royal NIOZ employed about 70 PhD-students, postdocs and senior scientists -people from 12 different countries. The good news? We will be looking for excellent marine researchers again soon.


Like to prep? Just to give you a head start in 2017 we share 5 insights on how to present yourself even better.


1. Keep LinkedIn up-to-date (and other social media accounts)

Keeping your personal credentials up-to-date is essential, even when you are not looking for a job. You never know who is checking out your profile.

2. Create a strong professional network

To our HR team your professional network is of great significance. So make sure to build and maintain your professional scientific network.

3. Be the expert you are

Reading science journals, reviews, blogs, annuals, and other publications in your field will help your conversation and at the same time will demonstrate commitment.  

4. Build a strong skillset

If you learn new skills, via masterclasses, courses or otherwise, make sure to present them in your CV. At the Royal NIOZ we believe these skills are valuable extras.

5. Practice assessments online

In finding the right candidate for the job research institutions integrate an assessment in job procedures. We do too. Make sure to train yourself. Try the freebies at or


We wish you a great 2017!