The Royal NIOZ HR Philosophy

At the Royal NIOZ we believe oceanographic research is a life’s work, as is all science. And we deem science to be personal. To enable you to reach your full potential, we emphasize on creating the best conditions to excel.

Creating equal opportunities and balance in diversity are at the forefront in our approach. You will be solely recruited on the basis of competencies, regardless of gender, belief, skin color, age, sexual preference or any disability.
Our research facilities, the renowned science staff, our ocean-going research fleet and the multidisciplinary research approach are just a means for creating scientific progress, to be valued by you.

Our employee philosophy: ‘Our sea, your science’  
> We aim to empower you, personally and career-wise
> We choose to connect to what works for you
> We guarantee you reach and maintain high-science standards
> We help you help the world to a better understanding of the sea