A royal career in oceanography

The Royal NIOZ aims to improve the career development of masters, Ph.D.’s and Postdocs. We support the goals of the Postdoc Career Development Initiative (PCDI) in the Netherlands. The aim of this organization is to stimulate the broad professional and career development of early career researchers who (are about to) have a Ph.D. 

At the Royal NIOZ, we aim to create progress from the day you start. To achieve this we reimburse training/courses, monitor your achievements and assist further growth in a career development program.

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A Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia

Like to understand the professional challenges and opportunities in the Dutch academic arena? Take some time to read the guide A Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia by The Young Academy: essential information on the research and teaching culture, funding, and the academic protocol. Including translations of key terms and a list of abbreviations and acronyms.

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